Overview Brochure (PDF)


When schools resume in the fall, they will look different. Here’s what you can expect: Schools will reopen with a continuum of options throughout the year including in-person, hybrid (in-person plus distance learning), and distance learning.

The Minnesota Department of Education has outlined three instructional models for the 2020-2021 school year. We anticipate moving in and out of these three models throughout the year in response to state direction and virus activity. In addition, the school district is offering an optional Distance Learning Academy for families who wish to commit to a full year of distance learning only.

Decison Framework

Please note: This information is subject to change throughout the school year as state guidance changes in response to virus activity. How do schools determine their safe learning model?

Early Childhood and Adult Basic Education students will receive separate information from their respective programs. 

Under each of the three models, you can expect:

Safety precautions

  • We will follow the guidelines from the MN Dept of Health and the MN Dept of Education.
    • Sometimes MDH and MDE require certain actions; sometimes they recommend certain actions.
      • If an action is required, you’ll see it being carried out in our schools.
      • If an action is recommended, you might see it in some places but not others.
    • Each school will designate a school-level COVID-19 coordinator and create a building-specific plan to implement state health and safety guidance.
    • All staff will be trained on COVID awareness and the proper use of cleaning materials.
    • Field trips will not be offered.
    • Visitors and volunteers will have limited access to buildings.

Teaching and learning/student support

  • In each subject area, teachers will focus on the most essential material for students to learn, creating a core foundation of instruction that is integrated into each of the three models to allow for more nimble transitions between models, responding to virus activity.


  • Attendance will be taken every day in each model.
  • Special education and English learner services will be provided. The delivery may look different, depending on the model, but services will be provided to all identified students.
  • All staff will give extra attention to children’s social-emotional learning needs and will work to rebuild relationships between and among students and staff.
  • School nurses and other support staff will provide services.
  • Every student, K through grade 12, will be issued a mobile device and will be expected to keep it accessible for potential pivots between models.
  • Technology support will continue; internet support and resources will be provided as necessary.
  • Child care availability will depend on the model.