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June 16, 2020

Board members received updated facilities recommendations from Supt. Cory McIntyre at the June 16 work session. Following the May 26 Building a Better Future presentation, board members had requested more information regarding proposed space to be added at Rice Lake Elementary and how the project would be financed. The June 16 presentation responded to those questions and provided updated cost information. The board is expected to act on the superintendent's recommendations at the June 23 regular meeting.

May 26, 2020

Rice Lake Elementary will receive a building addition to help relieve its current over-capacity conditions if the school board approves the facilities recommendations presented by Superintendent Cory McIntyre on May 26. 

The proposed addition, to be funded by lease levy, was among several "Priority 1" projects identified by the Building a Better Future Facilities Oversight Task Force. The board will act on Supt. McIntyre's recommendations on June 23.

January 14, 2020

At the Jan. 14 work session, board members heard reports from groups that studied four areas included in Building a Better Future, the district’s comprehensive facilities planning process: enrollment and capacity management; K-12 next generation learning spaces; safety and security; and athletics facilities. Each group made recommendations that will require further consideration by a district-level Oversight Task Force. Some recommendations may be considered for short-term implementation, others for long-term implementation, and others may be removed from any further consideration.

Continued study

  • The study groups’ recommendations will go to the Oversight Task Force for further analysis re feasibility, potential timeline, and possible funding sources.
  • Later this spring, the Oversight Task Force will forward its recommendation to the superintendent.
  • After further consideration of the task force’s recommendation, the superintendent will share his final recommendation with the school board.

Study group recommendations (briefly summarized; read complete reports or watch the work session for full details)

Enrollment and capacity management

  • Elementary
    • Build an addition onto Rice Lake Elementary OR build a new elementary school where the district owns property in NW Maple Grove.
  • Secondary
    • Increase cafeteria space at all three comprehensive high schools
    • Build an addition onto Maple Grove Senior High to address student capacity
    • Increase media center space at Park Center Senior High

Next generation learning spaces

  • Elementary (gr. K-5)
    • Renovate/redesign spaces to support next generation learning
    • Purchase flexible furniture and upgrade technology
    • Provide professional development to teachers
    • Assess current reality to identify gaps, propose specific improvements
  • Secondary (gr. 6-12)
    • Renovate/redesign spaces to support next generation learning, including creating collaborative spaces and ways to display learning
    • Renovate or add space to support career and technical education (high schools)
    • Purchase flexible furniture and upgrade technology
    • Create a learning culture focused on next generation learning
    • Assess current reality to identify gaps, propose specific improvements

Safety and security

  • Improve main entrance and perimeter security
  • Improve and expand the security camera system
  • Improve day-to-day and crisis mass communications systems

Athletics facilities

  • At all three comprehensive high schools: more storage, more weight room space, turf field replacement, football stadium scoreboard replacement. Each school has at least one other scoreboard that needs updating or replacement.
  • Add a wrestling mat hoist at Park Center
  • Add tennis courts at Osseo and Maple Grove senior highs
  • Examine baseball and softball infields for drainage capability
  • Create tiered approach for other projects recommended in an independent athletics facilities audit

What’s next?
The above study group recommendations will now receive further consideration from a district-level Oversight Task Force. After further examination, the task force will draft an eventual recommendation to the superintendent, who will make his own recommendation to the school board later this spring.