The Community-Based Vocational Assessment and Training program provides work-based learning opportunities for students with disabilities to acquire entry-level skills to competently transition from school to community. Students develop communication skills through work exploration experiences, so they may engage in a life time of learning.

Students have the opportunity to:

  1. Complete informal vocation assessments to identify interests, strengths, and learning needs;
  2. Participate in the program work center to learn basic work skills, behaviors, and attitudes;
  3. Complete contracted work from vendors to gain work-based learning experiences, and
  4. Work during the school day at various job sites and volunteer opportunities with in the community or in district schools.

In the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES), students will explore career areas, acquire basic work skills, and learn basic money management. The lab helps students to identity their occupational interests and strengths, and work behaviors, rate and quality. Work tasks in the areas of business/marketing, computer/technology, construct/industrial, processing/production and consumer/service are offered. The lab helps students to prepare for and succeed in today’s workplace.

Program Location

Timberland Properties
7600 Boone Ave. N.
Brooklyn Park MN  55428


PC Clymer